A new level of
efficiency and revenue potential

With manufacturing accounting and tax services, your business can tap into a new level of efficiency and revenue potential. Our experts have years of experience in the manufacturing and assembly integration space. We provide unique insights into your business, driving both profitability and compliance.

Manufacturing Services & Specialties

  • QuickBooks Workflows for Made to Stock & Made to Order
  • Material Requirements Planning and Purchasing
  • Production Planning and Sales Fulfillment
  • Inventory Management
  • Warranty Tracking
  • Tax Planning and Tax Preparation Services
  • Pennsylvania and Federal Research & Development Tax Credit
  • Domestic Production Activities Deduction
  • KIZ, Keystone Enterprise Zones
  • Accounting & Audit Services
  • Cost Segregation Services
  • Revenue Recognition Consulting

Use Our Experts to Feel Confident in Your Business

We help you to

Enhance Efficiency

Through operational streamlining and financial system design, setup, and computerization.

Manufacturing Revenue Potential

Through revenue enhancement programs, performance benchmarking, and fraud detection and prevention.

About Brennan, Piper & Associates

We use our depth of experience, understanding of business operations, and talented staff to provide accounting, tax, and business advisory services that support our clients’ goals and lead to strategic decision-making.

The BPA Difference:

Client-Centered: Focus is on the client's goals for the engagement, while also considering the compliance and industry requirements.

Use of Technology: We are able to work with the technology you have, but can also recommend solutions to maximize business.

Flexibility: We have the ability to work how you want, when you want.