Case Study: Analysis Company Financial System

Financial System Conversion

An HVAC, building systems and energy analysis company needed to switch to a different accounting system since theirs would no longer be supported.

FIT Optimized Solutions provides energy solutions, building systems controls and HVAC services to facilities in the western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, and northern West Virginia areas. They specialize in large hospitals, universities, K-12 schools, commercial office buildings, correction facilities and industrial installations.

The Challenge

When FIT Optimized Solutions’ accounting system reached a point where it was no longer financially feasible to continue using it, we needed to find a robust software program that would accomplish everything that the legacy system did. Since employees were so familiar with the previous systems’ interface and reporting capabilities, the goal was to migrate to a new system that recreated these as closely as possible to ensure adoption by the entire team. In order to do this, employees needed to see the benefits and also fully understand any limitations spurred by moving to a new system.

The software also needed to perform job costing, so time data would need to be integrated as well. Previously, this had been outsourced to a third party.

The Solution

We recommended a new program called QuickBooks® Enterprise, a system that closely mirrored the legacy software but provided extra benefits. It was more efficient; even with a learning curve it paid for itself and then some. We used a custom layout designer, filtering to create comparable budget reports. Since we were now capturing time data to generate job costing as well, we recommended that they bring payroll in house, further saving the company money.

FIT Optimized Solutions is now saving thousands of dollars through both gained efficiencies and the fact that they no longer need a payroll company. Additionally, they’re saving significant amounts of time since there’s no batching, and all information is shown in real time.

From the BPA Team:

FIT Optimized Solutions really rose to the challenge of embracing the software despite the challenges inherent in adopting new technology. They recognized its benefits right away and took the time to not only learn it, but become very proficient very quickly.

They were also open-minded about integrating payroll functionality to bring it back in-house and therefore recoup additional savings. Since many companies outsource payroll due to concerns about accurate tax filings, we helped FIT Optimized Solutions see that they could easily handle their quarterly taxes accurately and efficiently. Their entire approach to this project made the transition easy and enjoyable.

Client Endorsement

We were very happy with the way BPA worked to understand our concerns and goals for the new software – and then deliver on their promises. When they recommended we bring payroll back in-house, it made perfect sense. They are a true partner – always looking at the big picture to ensure that not only are we compliant, but we are thriving in our business.

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